Equantu Smart Zikr Ring 2023 Model (QB708)


Model: QB708Style: Tasbeeh RingFunction: 1.Tasbeeh smart counter . 2.5 prayer time reminderFeature: 1.Ring 18 mAh battery 2.Waterproof IP67Support: ApplicationProduct Package Size: 80x80x50mm  QB708 Zikr Ring: Pray Anywhere, Anytime Product Description Product name Smart Counter Ring...

Size: 7

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Model: QB708
Style: Tasbeeh Ring
Function: 1.Tasbeeh smart counter . 2.5 prayer time reminder
Feature: 1.Ring 18 mAh battery 2.Waterproof IP67
Support: Application
Product Package Size: 80x80x50mm 

QB708 Zikr Ring: Pray Anywhere, Anytime

Product Description

Product name Smart Counter Ring
Ring color black
Highest count 9999 times
Function 5 times prayer azan reminder
Material Food grade stainless steel
Performance Waterproof
Product size size:7-14

The QB708 Zikr Ring is a revolutionary product designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Its compact size,

similar to a regular ring, allows you to wear it every day without any inconvenience. But don't let its size fool you.

The QB708 is packed with features that make your daily prayers more manageable and meaningful.

One of its standout features is the vibration reminder for prayers. No matter how busy your day gets,

the QB708 ensures that you never miss your prayer times. It gently vibrates, providing a discreet

and personal reminder for your spiritual commitments.

The QB708 also comes with a prayer counter, making it easier for you to keep track of your prayers.

This feature is particularly useful during the holy month of Ramadan and other religious observances

when prayers are more frequent.

One of the most impressive features of the QB708 is its long battery life.

A single charge can last between 5 to 7 days, making it a reliable companion for your spiritual journey.

Experience the convenience and spiritual benefits of the QB708 Zikr Ring.

Make it a part of your daily life and see the difference it makes in your spiritual practices.

Additional Information

7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Size Chart

Zikr Ring Size Measurement:
For those who do not know their ring size, here is a simple way to know your finger size and make it easy to make a decision on which size you should order.

Please follow the steps below in order to specify your Zikr Ring size:

Prepare a slip of paper tie it on the finger.

Mark on the junction of paper tape.

Flat the paper and measure length, this length is the perimeter of your finger.

Once you measure the length, you can easily determine the size of your Zikr Ring.

Measurement (mm)


Zkir Ring Size


US Size
8.25 or less
10.5 or less

12 or more

*NOTE: If the size you measured is not in the listed measurements, you can determine the size fits you more if you prefer the ring to be tight or a bit large. We usually suggest our valued customers to choose the smaller size due to the possibility that there will be an error during the measurement.