iQibla M02 Pro (15 Days Endurance)

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This Smart Zikr Ring is a convenient & efficient device that allows you to stay connected with your faith on the go. It's sleek design and easy to use interface make it the perfect companion...

Color: Rose Gold

Rose Gold
Space Grey

Size: 18mm

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This Smart Zikr Ring is a convenient & efficient device that allows you to stay connected with your faith on the go. It's sleek design and easy to use interface make it the perfect companion for professionals, students, and travelers. With features like Zikr Count Tracking, Daily Reminders, and Customizable Modes, Get your Smart Zikr Ring today and experience the power of technology and faith combined!


Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1

Matching Systems: Android 5.1 or iOS 10.0 or later

Screen: OLED,0.49 inch,72*40

Battery capacity:40mAh , Charge case battery capacity: 120mAh

Material: Stainless Steel

Button:1 button

Charging port: Pogo Pin

Theoretical working hours: The ring battery and charging case both provide 15 days of use for the ring under normal conditions.

Sensors: Vibration Motor

Size: 22mm (Only zinc alloy version, weight 21.3g), 20mm

Weight: 11.7g

15 Days Long Battery Life
M02 Pro has a built-in 40mAh battery, with another 120mAh battery built in the charging case
No worries you have the power of 15 days battery life

What's Included

Packing list
M02 Pro ring *1
USB Type-C cable*1
User Manual *1
Warranty Card*1

Detailed parameters
Brand: Umeox iQibla
Model:M02 Pro

*All data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by Qibla Labs through tests carried out under particular conditions. Actual data may vary owing to differences in individual products, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.

Setup your zikr ring

Now get set up in 4 easy steps:

1. Download and lof in to the iQibla App
2. Wake you Zikr ring up
3. Start setup
4. Get going on your goal

Enhance Your Spiritual Practice with iQibla Zikr Ring ,which is currently the world's first smart tasbih ring. This Zikr Ring integrates with your smart phone and gives 5 time prayer notifications. You can set your customize Zikr through the application and not only this you can also set a zikr reminder as well. This Zikr Ring can help you keep track of your daily zikr calender wise.
This Smart Zikr Ring is crafted from high quality materials and available in a range of models. But the Zikr Ring is much more than just a tasbeeh , the OLED screen of this Zikr Ring also shows time. The best part of this Zikr Ring is that it is light in weight ,portable ,easy to carry and is always in your hand which will remind you every second to perform your Zikr.
So why wait? Discover the power of the Zikr Ring for yourself today and start living a more mindful & connected life.

Additional Information

Rose Gold, Graphite, Space Grey


18mm, 20mm, 22mm

Size Chart

Zikr Ring Size Measurement:
For those who do not know their ring size, here is a simple way to know your finger size and make it easy to make a decision on which size you should order.

Please follow the steps below in order to specify your Zikr Ring size:

Prepare a slip of paper tie it on the finger.

Mark on the junction of paper tape.

Flat the paper and measure length, this length is the perimeter of your finger.

Once you measure the length, you can easily determine the size of your Zikr Ring.

Measurement (mm)


Zkir Ring Size


US Size
8.25 or less
10.5 or less

12 or more

*NOTE: If the size you measured is not in the listed measurements, you can determine the size fits you more if you prefer the ring to be tight or a bit large. We usually suggest our valued customers to choose the smaller size due to the possibility that there will be an error during the measurement.